VF SSV Commodore – Paint Correction & Opticoat

VF SSV Paint Correction

Wow, what a job this became. What started as a standard Opticoat Detail, ended up becoming a 2 Stage Paint Correction. As you will see in the pictures, there was some major damage done to the paintwork  that should have been fixed prior to the owner receiving it. There were a myriad of deep scratches from one end to the other. The first stage of the Paint Correction required a heavy compound and buffing pad to remove the deeper scratches. The second stage of the Paint Correction was a refining compound on a soft pad to restore the Gloss. Total Buffing time was about 4.5 hours.

Opticoat Paint Protection

Once all the Paint Correction was complete, a thorough Alcohol wipe down was carried out to remove any left over oils and residues. With the surface now ultra clean; we then applied a layer of Opticoat on the paint to lock in the finish. The result and the smile on the owners face was definitely worth the effort. The level of depth and gloss on the paint has increased markedly. With Opticoat on the surface, this finish on this new VF SSV is now locked in for years to come. Another satisfied customer.

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