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Are you looking for a Ceramic Coating???

One of my Favourite clients just picked up his 4th Porsche! He drove straight from the Showroom to our Garage. There he received a full External Paint Protection Package. This was also the 4th time He has received Ceramic Coating to protect His Cars. 

Porsche Paint is usually delivered in exceptional condition. This was no different, only requiring a light Machine Polish to prepare the paint for Coating.

Paint Protection is not just for the Paint! We then removed the Wheels , which we prepped and ceramic coated. This minimises brake dust and reduces cleaning time.

In addition, we have a coating for your external glass to help with visibility. This provides some additional protection from Stone Chips.

We then applied a high level Ceramic Coating to all external Paint for the Ultimate in Paint Protection and Durability.

Every car deserves the best possible start in life. New Porsche Macan Turbo, now enhanced with a Ceramic Coating. Will keep its youthful appearance for many years to come.

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Derek Klau

G'day, my name is Derek and my passion is cars. Making them look amazing is what I love to do. Over time I have built up a wealth of knowledge, including training with the best and using the very best products to make sure your ride stays meticulously clean.

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