Nissan R35 GTR – Ultimate External Detail

Black on Black R35 GTR

This one required some work. There were 3 different levels of hardness on the paint. The bumpers were soft, the bonnet was very hard and the rest of the car required a medium cut. When Machine Polishing, every area of the car needs to be tested to get the best result. You can usually tell by looking at the type of scratches before starting. 

All wheels were removed, cleaned and coated with Opticoat to aid in cleaning. The wheels were massive. 285/35/20 for the front and 315/30/20 on the rear. Definitely needed to assist with getting power to the ground.

Once the paint had been corrected, the paint was cleaned and a layer of Opticoat was applied. The glass was also coated with Optiglass Pro to keep them cleaner for longer.

Paint corrected using Rupes Bigfoot pads and polishes.

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