Mazda Bravo Fire Extinguisher

Interior Detail

Got an emergency phone call from one of my valued clients to say that they had accidentally set off the dry powder extinguisher in their Mazda Bravo Dual Cab. Opening the door not really knowing what to expect, then seeing the mess, I knew I was in for a big day. The Dual Cab interior was entirely coated and a lot of it was through the centre console. Hence to say, 5 hours later I had it all cleaned up and refreshed the interior in the process. The seats were cleaned, but not shampooed as this Mazda Bravo was a 200,000km work ute. I like a challenge and it was a good way to test my skills and keep them sharp.



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Derek Klau

G'day, my name is Derek and my passion is cars. Making them look amazing is what I love to do. Over time I have built up a wealth of knowledge, including training with the best and using the very best products to make sure your ride stays meticulously clean.

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