Landrover Discovery – Opticoat Paint Protection

Landrover Discovery – Opticoat Paint and Wheel Protection

Landrover Re Discovery

This 4 year old Landrover Discovery presented in need of some TLC. Recently purchased, the new owner wanted to make sure that it looked it’s best, so we carried out a 2 stage Machine Polish to eliminate 95% of the fine scratches. The end result is intense gloss and clarity, and looks better than new.

Once the Paint Correction was complete, the paint work was treated to a 2 stage Opticoat Pro and Pro+ Coating to substantially increase the depth and reflection. The wheels were brand new, so these also were individually removed, cleaned and received a layer of Opticoat Pro to minimise brake dust build up, and make cleaning a breeze.

What is Opticoat and what will it do for my car?

✅ Ceramic clear coat with superior scratch resistance
✅ Chemically binds to clear coat forming a permanent new clear layer 
✅ High gloss glass like finish
✅ Easier to wash and maintain
✅ High Chemical resistance/thermal resistance (600 degrees Celsius)
✅ Highly hydrophobic (Water beading effect)
✅ Reduced water spotting and highly resistant to bird/bat droppings 
✅ CSIRO Certified 
✅ 7 year warranty for new cars
✅ No Reapplications required – Will not break down or wash away

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