HSV GTS Opti-Coat Ceramic Clearcoat


One of my regular clients wasn’t happy with the finish on his new HSV GTS, so we completed a Stage 2 Paint Correction and sealed it with OptiCoat Ceramic Clearcoat to lock in the finish. If you are spending a reasonable amount on a new vehicle, when you collect your vehicle, make sure you give the paint a thorough inspection. Don’t expect that it will come out perfect. It’s amazing what some dealerships think they can get away with. With this new HSV GTS, the paint wasn’t as expected. After a thorough examination, the paint was literally covered with light swirl marks and scratches from the time it spent in the car yard.

The Paint Correction Process

We carried out a medium cut Paint Correction to remove the heavier scratches. Once this was completed, we then had to complete the Paint Correction process by going over it with a refining pad and compound to really bring up the Gloss. The Opticoat was applied and the reflect effect was taken to another level.  Opticoat is the world leader in permanent paint coatings. With Opticoat’s high hardness rating to reduce the fine scratches and high chemical resistance to protect against Bird Poo etching, you can be confident that your car is protected for years to come.


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