GT86 – Velocity Orange – Opticoat Paint Protection

GT86 – Opticoat Paint Protection

Opticoat continues to make great looking cars Stunning, time and time again. Here is a perfect example. This GT86 is 2 years old and was kept in good condition, but still had a light build up of fine scratches and swirls. The entire car received a single stage Paint Correction with Opticoat Primer. Then we layered 2 coats of Opticoat to all painted surfaces. After stepping out of the car after reversing into the sun, I was once again stunned by the level of depth and gloss this Paint Protection produces.

Opticoat is a world leader in the Paint Protection field. The technology behind it continues to be advanced and improving. It provides unmatched durability and protection for your vehicle. Make your car turn heads for years to come.

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Derek Klau

G'day, my name is Derek and my passion is cars. Making them look amazing is what I love to do. Over time I have built up a wealth of knowledge, including training with the best and using the very best products to make sure your ride stays meticulously clean.

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