GT86 Opticoat + AE86 Polish Detail

The Old AE86 and the New GT86

The best of the Old School AE86. This Classic has been kept in excellent condition, including a full respray only a few weeks ago. In Japan, the AE86 was also known as the Hachi-Roku (ハチロク),  Japanese for “eight-six”. The AE86 was available with a fuel-injected 4 cylinder 1587 cc 4A-GE Engine in Japan and Europe which was also used in the first-generation Toyota MR2. The AE86 came with a 5-speed manual gearbox, and later came with the option of an automatic.  The AE86 had an optional LSD. The AE86 used ventilated disc brakes. The car was equipped with a MacPherson strut style independent suspension at the front and a four-link live axle with coil springs for the rear. Stabilizer bars were present at both ends. 

Also a subtle but aggressive (Rude for our Irish counterparts) GT86, has been kept very tidy. However, the owner was after an extra depth of gloss and protection for his ride. After a quick discussion, we cleaned, prepped and coated the GT86 with a layer of Opticoat. Opticoat protects from all the elements including Bird Bombs and UV damage. Cleaning is made quick and easy and additional polishing is no longer necessary. No top ups are required and the Ceramic clearcoat that is Opticoat will not break down over time. 

This was definitely one of my most enjoyable experiences with the old and the new. Please enjoy the Gallery.

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G'day, my name is Derek and my passion is cars. Making them look amazing is what I love to do. Over time I have built up a wealth of knowledge, including training with the best and using the very best products to make sure your ride stays meticulously clean.

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