Ford Mustang – Opticoat Pro Ceramic Paint Protection

Another Mustang joins the Opticoat Family

Many Mustang owners opt to upgrade various parts in order to make their car stand out from the crowd. With Opticoat, any car will stand out and turn heads. The level of gloss and depth of the paint are markedly increased once the Opticoat has been installed.

Have you experienced a level of confusion with all the “so called” Paint Protection products that are available? Eventually throwing your hands up and wishing there was a voice out there, that could cut through all the crap and answer the questions you’re pondering?

Rather than try to convince you myself with my sales pitch about Opticoat, I have a link to a podcast in which the Founder, CEO and Chemical Engineer David Ghodoussi, explains the science around Ceramic Paint Protection and why Opticoat is so different.

The Optimum Synergy Podcast

It may be an hour long, but an hours worth of research to find the Ultimate Paint Protection, will save you money and years of heartache, knowing that you made the right choice for your Mustang.

Enjoy the Gallery, and check out a few more blog posts from other cars we’ve protected

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