Ford FPV GT Black Edition – Opticoat Pro+ Ceramic Coating

FPV GT – Opticoat Pro+ Ceramic Coating

This is Black the way it should be!! After 16 hours of cleaning, machine polishing and Ceramic Coating, I’m proud to present the 2nd of these FPV GT Black Editions I’ve had the pleasure to work on. Being only 1 of 125 made, with proper care, this is one FPV GT that is sure to appreciate in value over time.

The suspension has been “track-tuned” and there’s a stainless steel high flow exhaust system with the tailpipes finished in black. Inside, the interior has been decked out in black leather trim, with a one-off featured an all-black dash complete with Ford’s ICC interior command centre.

Opticoat Pro+ Ceramic Coating – What’s in it for me??

If you’re going to have a black car, it definitely needs the Ultimate protection. Opticoat Pro started the Ceramic Coating Revolution we see today, providing exceptional durability, protection and ease of maintenance. The founder of Opticoat and the Company have one clear Motto, “With each product that is developed, it must do something that no other Product can!!” This is carried across the whole product line, making each item synergistically work together for Optimal results.

The Benefits of Opticoat

Ceramic coating with superior scratch resistance
✅ Chemically binds to clear coat forming a permanent new clear layer 
✅ High gloss glass like finish
✅ Easier to wash and maintain
✅ High Chemical resistance/thermal resistance (600 degrees Celsius)
✅ Highly hydrophobic (Water beading effect)
✅ Reduced water spotting and highly resistant to bird/bat droppings 
✅ CSIRO Certified 
✅ 7 year warranty for new cars
✅ No Reapplications required – Will not break down or wash away

Contact Derek for further information on 0433677429

Or email at derek@shikynadetailing.com.au 

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