Ducati Diavel – Opticoat Protection Pack

Ducati Diavel – Dark Stealth

What an incredible machine. Dark Stealth is the only colour available, and why would you choose anything else? Apart from some red highlights in the Carbon Upgrade Package.

The intoxicating design, with innovative LED headlight, and refined rider comfort of the new Diavel may imply “cruiser,” but the brute force of its 162 hp Testastretta engine and its razor sharp handling prove otherwise. Ducati Diavel Website

When stationary, you can cycle through the Diavel’s three setups. Touring mode delivers peak power, but the traction control keeps things in check; urban mode keeps power capped at 100 horsepower; while Sport unleashes the full fury of the engine, sans save-your-bacon traction control.

This Ducati Diavel now boasts a a full layer of Opticoat to make cleaning a breeze. A coating with a high chemical resistance and hydrophobic qualities, just add to the amazing level of technology that has gone into producing this Masterpiece.

The Slideshow is picture heavy, showing the result of a 4 hour road trip prior to cleaning and then the cleaned and Opticoated version.

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