BMW 650i Convertible Opticoat Package

BMW 650i 2008 Ultimate Protection Package 

Recently we gave the Ultimate love to this very well maintained BMW 650i. Luxury, comfort, power, technology. A 360hp V8 lurks under the massive bonnet. The interior is sumptuous cream leather. Technology includes electronic everything as well as in car TV. 

We did a full clean and condition of the leather interior before providing it with Opti Guard Interior Protection. Each wheel was removed, deep cleaned and coated with a Layer of Opticoat. With a temperature rating of 600 degrees celcius, there is no longer any issue of the brake dust embedding into the surface. Couple this with very easy cleaning, and high gloss, putting Opticoat on your Clearcoated or Matte rims is a must.

The external paint was given a Stage 2 Paint Correction to remove medium level scratches and Swirl Marks. Once complete, the paint was thoroughly cleansed with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove all polishing oils. To finish off, the paint then received a layer of Opticoat to further enhance and deepen the gloss. 

The Ultimate Touring Machine now has the Ultimate in Protection.

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