Audi Q5 – Full Opticoat Protection Pack

Audi Q5 – This is how Black should Look

We just completed a full Interior Optiguard and Exterior Opticoat Protection on this brand new Audi Q5. The interior was treated to all over protection, not just seats and mats. All leather, vinyl and fabric is coated to protect against those nasty little spills for 2 years. This coating can also be enhanced by using the Range of Optimum Car Care products which will enhance and give greater durability to the finish. 

The exterior was given a full clean as part of the preparation, however we discovered that during the time the vehicle was at the dealership, the whole car was supplied with light scratches. Being black, everything shows up. A light single stage machine polish was required to remove the scratches before we could apply the 2 layers of Opticoat to give maximum protection. All wheels were removed, cleaned and individually coated with Opticoat to make sure the black dust buildup is significantly reduced and kept easy to clean. To complete the package, we coated all windows with a layer of Optiglass Pro. This allows the water to bead from the glass easily giving high visibility in wet conditions.

This Audi Q5 now looks stunning in black with the confidence of being protected by the best the world has to offer.

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