1969 Morris Traveler – Paint Correction + Opticoat

Paint Correction + Opticoat

Last weekend we had the pleasure of making Johns restored Morris Traveler shine like it should.

The car had recently all the external wood trim replaced which was ordered from the UK. All panels were then treated to 6 coats of Acrylic paint to keep everything original. A couple of the chrome pieces were also replaced, but many of those are original fit.

When we first appraised the vehicle, there was a high degree of sanding marks and swirls in the paint. We carried out a 2 stage Paint Correction to level as many of the scratches as possible and restore the gloss of the paint. When this was complete, we did a final alcohol wipe down and applied a layer of Opticoat to really enhance the gloss.

John took the car to a show the following day and received many favourable comments on the finish of the paintwork. No surprise there, it’s been Opticoated.

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