Princess Project


At Shikyna Detailing, we are honoured to be able to support Ben and Cherie McGonagle in Cambodia who rescue young girls from the streets and help their families build a Bright Future.

Part of every detail we carry out goes to support this incredible Organisation. Please read on below. 

At the Princess Project, we are passionate about helping the little children we see walking the streets of Cambodia day & night, rummaging through rubbish bins hoping to find some recyclable items they can sell in order to buy food. We just can’t stand that they are hungry, scared, & alone on the streets… & while thinking about them God gave us a revelation: These children on the streets are targets. They are at very high risk of being molested, kidnapped & sold into the sex industry. We need to rescue them BEFORE they end up in a horrific situation. That day, God showed us we are in the business of PREVENTION.

Since God gave us that revelation, we have been hard at work rescuing kids. There is another organisation nearby that works with the boys on the streets, so we have ended up with lots of little girls in need of help. We call it our Princess Project: Rescuing the Most High King’s precious daughters. We are providing food, clothes, shelter, education, school supplies, medical aid & the Awesome news about Jesus. The children’s lives were being transformed, yet still, their relatives made them go out on the streets. We held a meeting with the families at their shacks, explaining the dangers the children were in. One of our beautiful little girls shared (to everyone’s horror) that just the other day a car full of men had stopped next to her while she was out collecting rubbish, alone at night. The men had jumped out of the car & tried to grab her but she took off running & just managed to escape them. The relatives’ eyes were opened & they realised the situation they were putting these kids in… but still they desperately need every cent just for food. We told them we would provide the same money the children were earning, if they promised to never let the children work on the streets again (& our team will supervise this). They agreed. The children were SO RELIEVED! They didn’t want to imagine what could happen if they fell into the hands of cruel people.

Now, we are working toward helping the families establish businesses to support themselves in the future, & enrolling the children in a Christian school where they will receive the finest education, meals, & the best opportunities to graduate university with a top career. The little girl who escaped the men is passionate about becoming a lawyer. She’s very bright & with the right education, we know she will achieve her goal. This is what the Bible means when it says: “He raises the poor out of the dust, & lifts the needy out of the ash heap, that He may seat him with princes.” Ps 113:7-8.

Our rescued princesses were here at our Outreach Base & a delivery-man came to the gate. As Ben took the delivery, the man recognised the girls & pointed at each of them saying, “Hey, I know you. You’re a rubbish kid! & you, you are too. & you…” With beautiful, peaceful smiles on their faces, the girls said, “Not anymore.”

That’s what we want to help more children of Cambodia to be able to say…

“Are you hungry?” “Not anymore.”

“Are you cold?” “Not anymore”.

“Are you afraid and alone on the streets at night?”  “Not anymore”.

Visit the Princess Project Facebook Page Here

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