Opti Trim Restore – Opti Trim Protect


Protect New, or Restore Old & Faded Plastic!

Opti Trim is a revolutionary two part system, to permanently solve the ongoing issue of faded plastic trim. Unlike other coatings that are limited in their lifespan and ability to prevent oxidation, Opti Trim contains high levels of UV absorbers to help prevent future fading and provide a long term solution.

Opti Trim Protect is a clear, hybrid resin coating to help prevent new plastic trim from future fading due to UV exposure. For new cars, choose Opti Trim Protect to enhance or maintain the factory appearance of your plastic trim.

Opti Trim Restore is a durable, hybrid resin coating containing special dye additives to restore faded and oxidised trim back to a like new, factory appearance. For older vehicles suffering from damaged trim due to UV exposure, choose Opti Trim Restore to restore your plastic trim back to its former glory.

 As every vehicle has different levels of trim, please call 0433677429 to quote.

How Does it Work?

Opti Trim Restore is absorbed by the plastic surface, giving back the life and colour taken away from long term exposure to UV rays. The Opti Trim resin at the same time reacts with the plastic, to produce a chemical bond between itself and the substrate. Once cured, the resin is now bonded throughout the surface of the plastic trim to produce a new, durable surface that is highly resistant to UV exposure to maintain the new look.

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