Opticoat Paint Protection

Opticoat Ceramic Paint Protection

Here is a selection of different vehicle that we have applied Opticoat to. Whether your vehicle is a small runabout, Classic or Luxury Exotic, you deserve the best Paint Protection the world has to offer. Opticoat not only protects your paint, but also now has a range of products that will protect your Wheels, Glass, Leather and Vinyl and Fabric. No matter how much you have spent on your vehicle, The best protection is more affordable than you think. While the majority of Paint Protection products are nothing more than a gimmick to make money on the sale, Opticoat delivers outstanding; long lasting results every time. Your car will definitely stand out from the rest. I recently had a friend who had Opticoat Paint Protection applied to his Holden Cruze. When it was in for a service, there was another Cruze, same colour, side by side. Everyone in the workshop wanted to know what was on the paint as the difference was so dramatic. Take a look through our Opticoat Galleries and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Ford Falcon Ute XR6 Turbo

Silver Toyota GT86

Audi RS4


BMW 328i M Sport

Suzuki Swift Sport

BMW 650i Convertible