Paint Correction put simply, is to refine a vehicles painted surface to restore it to an as new condition.

Over time, a vehicles paint will become dull due to a build up of fine scratches within the paint. Scratches can be caused by incorrect washing techniques, Drying towels, car park damage and kids to name a few. 

Scratches in the paint; under the microscope form a mountain range. Because of these fine ridges in the paint, light is absorbed, and the paint looks dull. Through the Paint Correction process, a few microns of the Clearcoat is removed to flatten out these ridges. This results in vastly improved gloss levels. As the paint is very thin, scratches that can be felt, may not be able to be removed without compromising the clearcoat. In most cases however, through the Paint Correction process they may be reduced significantly. Depending on requirements, we have paint finishers that can repair the paint for you.

Depending on your vehicles age and condition, will result in varying levels of Paint Correction that needs to be undertaken to restore the factory finish. 

Paint Restoration Options.

The following options help to explain what may be required for your vehicle. Every car is different and each manufacturer will use a differing painting processes. Therefore every car will need to be thoroughly inspected at our studio to ascertain what needs to be carried out.

Single Stage Paint Correction –  This level will remove light scratches and imperfections to restore High Gloss

Two Stage Paint Correction –  This level will remove medium scratches and swirl marks, or will restore lightly Faded or Oxidized Paint.

Triple Stage Paint Correction – At this stage, we aim to remove Heavy Scratches and Swirl marks,  or will restore Badly Faded or Oxidised Paint. This Level of Correction is for those looking for High Level Detailing and show car preparation. 


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