GT86 Pearl Opticoat Detail

The new GT86 is the latest development between Subaru and Toyota to deliver an enthusiasts car that is accessible to the average consumer.

This GT86 has been coated with Opticoat Ceramic Clearcoat.

A level of Detail that will save you time and protect your investment.

Excerpt from Top Gear:

Not many road tests begin with a fur hat and a blindfold, but it’s freezing in Wales, and we’re attempting an experiment. So here I am, standing beside the road with a mask over my face and fake fox on my head. As some elderly ramblers watch, a car pulls up, and I’m bundled into the passenger seat. “Sorry about this, mate,” says the driver, before commencing a gravelly burnout while I slap the air in panic. “Look happy, or they’ll think I’ve kidnapped you.”

There’s a 50 per cent chance I’ve just been abducted in a Toyota GT86. But it’s equally probable I’m in its near-identical twin, the Subaru BRZ. For two days, we’ve been driving them around, playing spot the difference. There certainly are some, but when it comes to actually computing them, the mind is a fickle thing. Maybe my brain prefers blue to orange. Perhaps I just expected to like one more than the other. And, as psychologists have proved, these are things that can twist your judgement.

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