Ceramic Coating Technology Definitions – Untangling the Jargon

Let’s put things in Simple Terms

Coatings come in a few different variations, which are Glass, Ceramic, Elastic and Flourine.

All of these coatings come in various forms and percentages of the actual coating within the substrate.

The 2 most common are Glass and Ceramic. a lot of these are sold as DIY kits, but beware of the actual effectiveness. The reason these are quite low in cost, is that the percentage of actual ceramic within the coating is quite low (30-40%). These make the coating very easy to apply, but they usually only last 1-2 years with good maintenance. Because of this, they are the preferred coating for many car yards, as there is minimal training required.

With professional coatings applied by approved detailers, the percentage is around 70-80%, and some highly specialized coatings can be as high as 90-95%. These coatings are much more technical within the application process, and require specific preparation guidelines. However, the finish is of a much higher quality, and the longevity is greatly enhanced.