135i Paint Correction + Opticoat Pro Plus

135i Paint Correction Detail + Opticoat Pro Plus

Recently we carried out a paint correction on this BMW 135i. The paint was in reasonable condition, so a single stage Paint Correction was enough to do a 95% correction. After an alcohol wipedown, we then applied a layer of Opticoat, followed by a layer of Pro Plus. Opticoat Pro Plus is designed to create an even deeper level of gloss, increased slickness and provides a reduction in water spotting. The end result, Opticoat makes keeping your car clean even easier, providing a highly durable finish that will look awesome for years to come.

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G'day, my name is Derek and my passion is cars. Making them look amazing is what I love to do.

Over time I have built up a wealth of knowledge, including training with the best and using the very best products to make sure your ride stays meticulously clean.

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